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Focal Point



01  /   28   /   2017

The Focal point, the gathering place for holidays, the place to hang a christmas stocking, an area that compliments your fireplace, otherwise known as the MANTLE. They come in many different materials as well as styles of architecture, From Victorian elaborate ​to sleek Modern, we can build them all. We take extreme pride in this area of the home and have been considered one of the best in the area for this specific part of the home. 

The Fireplace area , and typically these days the entertainment area, is a spot in your home you want to make a conversation piece. The spot your guests immediately wow over. Each home deserves its own unique custom built Mantle and or Media built ins. These days cabinet built ins typically flank both sides of the Mantle as the Great room dimensions continue to bigger and bigger with each new house plan. Let us show off your specific taste and style by building the mantle you help design. 

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